Natural beauty, from the inside and out!


When I first entered the contest of the Jurlique ambassadors I was asked to reply to the question "What makes you beautiful". For me the answer naturally consisted of two aspects; the beauty on the outside and the beauty that comes from the inside. Because I was chosen to be one of the lucky six ambassadors I decided that my first blog post would focus on how I combine the beauty of intelligence with the natural glow products such as Jurlique can give.

Last week I was arranging a big happening at my university of Hanken called Startup Sisters. Being a member of the Hanken Entrepreneurship Society we wanted to encourage and inspire women to become entrepreneurs and this was our way of doing so. We had invited three inspiring female entrepreneurs to come and give us presentations about female entrepreneurship. Other program at the event was food&drinks, networking, goodie-bags and finally a lottery.
When I started to think of sponsors, Jurlique popped in my mind immediately. New, interesting, fresh and inspiring brand that definitely would be loved by intelligent female entrepreneurs and students at my university. These intelligent and kind women were definitely worth of some natural beauty to boost their self-confidence and appearance. I contacted Jurlique and was thrilled to find out they were willing to kindly sponsor our event with products for both our lovely speakers and the lottery. Needles to say the winners and speakers receiving the Jurlique products were happy, especially when I explained that they all are 100% natural. Because they hadn't heard about Jurlique before I actually think Jurlique got a few new customers after that.
A big thank you again Jurlique for sponsoring us!

This said, I'm looking forward to getting a real outer glow myself using my Jurlique products I received yesterday.
I am truly excited to get the opportunity to try out these products and I will be posting follow ups on how my skin is feeling after using them. I have heard so much great things about the Jurlique products so I'm sure it will be amazing!

Here are some pictures from the Startup Sisters event:

Goodie bags!
We made some couscous salad...
and baked some berry pie.
One of our entrepreneurs Mikaela Nyström
The Startup Sisters team! I'm the long one in the middle.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. What an lovely event and great idea for Jurlique. Have a lovely day. <3