I have decided to start and end every day with thinking about what I can be thankful for that day.
Today, I feel very thankful for lots of reasons. It's a Sunday, the day before December, the most wonderful time of the year.

I am so thankful. 
Thankful for starting to feel better after my horrible flu.
Thankful to soon be able to do yoga and sports again.
Thankful for the wonderful christmas times that are coming.
Thankful for all the loving people in my life, friends, family and love.
Thankful for the music.
Thankful for Jurlique.

I am truly grateful for Jurlique, who gave me the opportunity to be a brand-ambassador for one month. It was my first time ever blogging, I was a bit scared of it and wasn't even sure if I was going to manage doing it, but hey; it's super fun and super easy! This has been an amazing month for me (and my skin), I am so happy to have found products that match my values and needs. Living with a student budget, it was of course a true luxury to receive these products as a gift.
I hope that my blogposts have been helpful, inspiring, interesting or just nice to read for someone, I hope that I was able to share something with you this month. Although this month will be the end of my official Jurlique-Ambassador career, I feel the my journey with Jurlique and natural skincare has just begun.
And who knows, I might just start blogging myself...

Thank you Jurlique, co-ambassadors and readers. It has been inspiring, educating, interesting and fun! Now I'm asking you to thank everything you are grateful today. I guarantee a more positive approach and atmosphere in your life.

Happy Sunday,
xx Hannah

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