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Hey beauties! 
Here are your FAQs...answered!

Moi! May I know what the #naturallybeautiful #naturallyjurlique hashtags are about? 
Thank you for your question! The #naturallybeautiful #naturallyjurlique hashtags are to remind every gentleman and lady that they are unique, precious and naturally beautiful. Everywhere, everyday--no matter what. We are sometimes overwhelmed by daily stimuli and stresses, that we tend to forget our natural beauty!

Therefore, Jurlique Suomi started this campaign. We have one simple vision: To remind women how naturally beautiful they are. We are looking for 6 Jurlique brand ambassadors who will be embarking on our 30-day challenge!

Wow...what a meaningful vision! How can I join? 
There are two parts to this contest. In Part I of the contest, we look for the 6 brand ambassadors to take part in our Jurlique 30 day challenge. To qualify, simply take a selfie and @jurliquefinland on instagram. Under the captions, tell us what makes you beautiful, hashtag #naturallybeautiful and #naturallyjurlique and you are done! 

In part II of the contest, we select the grand ambassador out of our 6 ambassadors. The grand ambassador will win 6 Jurlique products (retail value 500euros-600euros). For each of the 6 ambassadors to qualify, they simply need to blog 4 posts over the period of 1 month on this blog! 

What is the campaign period?
-Part I of the Contest begins on September 21 at 00:01 Central European Time ("CET") and ends on October 15 at 00:00 p.m. PT (the "Promotion Period"). Instagram's servers are the official time-keeping devices for the Contest. 

-Part II of the contest begins on November 1 at 00.01 Central European Time ("CET") and ends on November 30 at 00.00pm PT. 

Is this campaign opened to men too?
Yes! Jurlique natural skincare range works absolutely wonderful for men too. 
What is the judging criteria?

-For the choosing of six ambassadors:
50% Creativity
50% Appeal of description

-For choosing of the Grand Ambassador out of the six ambassadors, upon the completion of the 4 posts:
70% quality of blog posts
30% social media popularity.

Do I need to buy anything to join?
No, you don't. We just want to make this experience and fun and interactive one for all!
What are the three products I will be getting for the challenge?
You would be getting three Jurlique retail-sized products specially customised for you, worth 200-300Euros. 
Where do I have to collect the products if I'm chosen?
Don't worry about it! We will mail them to you, right to your doorstep. =)

How are the ambassadors notified? 
We will post the results on Jurlique's facebook page and this blog within 3 days of the completion of each part of the campaign. 

We would love to hear from you! Leave any questions/feedback you have in the comments below! :)

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