CosmEthics, Jurlique & SLUSH

This week I had the opportunity to visit SLUSH, a huge conference arranged here in Helsinki for entrepreneurs, startups and investors from all over the world. At the event I was listening to a pitching competition where entrepreneurs presented their business-ideas. The winner got half a million euros! One of the top four competitors was a Finnish girl Katariina who presented her company CosmEthics.

Cosmetics is an app that will guide you through the jungle of cosmetics, most of them containing toxics and parabens you don't want to be putting on yourself. I loved this idea and of course I had to check all my products immediately. Unfortunately they hadn't got the information about the Jurlique products I was using quite yet since the app is so new. What did I do? I submitted pictures and the ingredient-lists of my Jurlique-products to CosmEthics and soon the information about them will be there on the app for everyone to see. I am sure they will be perfectly fine, like the two  other Jurlique- products they already had checked and approved.
Unfortunately I also found out that some of my other products weren't as good as I had thought..
Let's keep it natural Ladies and Gentlemen!

You can read more about CosmEthics here:

Also check out their free app CosmEthics, scan your cosmetic but feel free to keep on using your Jurlique- products. They are so good for you, free from all dangerous chemicals!

Have a lovely weekend!


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  1. Wou Hannah this was really interesting blog post, thank you so much for sharing and have a lovely sunday. <3

  2. You too lovely, so nice to read your constant blogfeed :) Keep it up!