Natural Jurlique


As I have written before, it is very important for me to live a balanced life and take care of my outer appearance and my inner health. A few years ago I started to change my eating habits to more healthy options and I now am a nearly full-time vegetarian. For me it has become a routine to only go for organic products when it comes to food such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries. After living like this for a while, trying to be as nature-friendly and ecological as possible I also started to question the cosmetics I was using, none of it was natural! I knew I wanted a change in my beauty-routines as well, and now I'm using Jurlique products! I feel so good knowing that what I'm putting on my face is 100% natural, organic and nature friendly. It's amazing. Of course I still use some non-natural make-up but I feel I'm on the right way with Jurlique.
We should remember to take care of ourselves as well as we try to take care of our environment.

Goodbye to all nasty chemicals and toxics- go natural, go Jurlique!


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  1. Aivan ihana kuva, what an lovely photo <3

  2. Kiitoksia! Kyllähän se on se ihana pakkaus jonka ansiosta kuvakin on onnistunut...! :)