On my silver plate

I´m no beauty blogger, just a regular 35-year old woman, wife and mother of three. I have early mornings and late nights, never enough sleep and always company in the bathroom. I´m never first with the latest trends, and I´m rarely familiar with most of the cool beauty brands I see in glossy magazines.

However, I´m confident to say I´m the expert of my own skin, and what makes me feel comfortable and beautiful - and when I find something I like and that suits me, I tend to stick with it.

Jurlique´s products are, beside the fact that the company´s environmental ideals match mine, also reliable and truly effective. That really is key to a busy mom like me - and as an extra bonus not to be neglected, they are pretty and smell absolutely heavenly.

Got to run now, but I´ll get back to you soon with some more on the products that landed on my bathroom counter the other day - they sure are brightening up this dark and grey month of November for me - and they are definitely here to stay!

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  1. Ihana kuva ja niin ihanat tuotteet. So beautiful photo and so lovely products. <3