A little magic

Last weekend was magical. We traveled by boat to this little island called Jurmo in the out most archipelago of Southern Finland, about as far out at sea you can imagine. Over the years this place has become sort of a sanctuary for me and my family, a place we go to when we need to take a break from the hectic rythm in the city - the stress, noises and duties that surround us in our day-to-day life.

The cabin we rented is small and very ascetic, with no TV, running water nor indoor bathroom. There´s certainly no restaurants, spas or any other kind of fancy services or entertainment around - only lots of fresh air, long walks and the most breath taking landscapes you have ever seen. Oh, and the occasional sauna, of course, as we are in Finland. But everything there is really about being natural and true, finding yourself and the beauty within you - no fuzz, no facades and no pretending.

This is me standing at the end of the world, or at least that´s what it felt like. I´m not wearing any make up, as that would have been completely out of place among the endless fields of round rocks, the cold, salty sea wind and the heavy grey skies. But I´ll let you in on a secret: I did sneak in my little magic bottle of Skin Balancing Face Oil into my backpack before we left home, since I knew I would need some protection for my face against the rough weather and conditions out there - and that´s about all the beauty care I needed to feel happy, fulfilled and glowing both inside and out.

Sometimes, the simplest things are just the best.

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