I'm currently laying home in bed, sick of being sick.  Wrapped up in my mohair-cardigan, wool stockings and quilt, unable o decide if it is too hot or too cold.
 I'm feeling very dehydrated so I make sure to drink a lot and to also spray on my Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist to keep my skin calm and rehydrated. I've got a tough flu so all I do is sleep, eat, drink, take naps, watch movies and read. May sound like fun to someone but to me it's not. I love an active life filled with friends, sports, studying, working, playing and singing, cooking, walking around in the city, going to cafes... Activities of all kind!
I suppose it's good to relax sometimes though. In order to have fun you sometimes have to be bored, am I right?

Hopefully you all have an exciting week ahead of you! For me? Well, I plan on staying in bed until I'm feeling better, keeping on reading and getting inspired.

Here are some more random pictures from my camera roll, hopefully you'll get a bit inspired as well!

All pictures are taken by me. For more pics visit my instagram account --> @hannahrinn


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